Tips to Choose the Bridal Gown for Your Destination Wedding

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Tips to Choose the Bridal Gown for Your Destination Wedding

Tips to Choose the Bridal Gown for Your Destination Wedding

Destination wedding is a dreamy affair. You have planned to tie-knots with your partner in an exotic and beautiful land which is far away from home. Having a destination wedding is indeed an adventure in itself. Nevertheless keeping aside your delights you must concentrate on the most important thing for your wedding, which is your wedding gown! There are some important things to consider when you are picking a wedding gown that is going to travel with you. You need to pick one that is travel-friendly, perfect for the climate there and some other such points that should be kept in mind while you are purchasing one.

  1. Learn Your Destination

Knowing your destination will help you in picking the right type of wedding gown for your big day. The climate, exact location, guests should be considered while you make a selection. Speak to the people who stay there – friends, hotel manager, relatives anyone who can explain to you about the surroundings to understand what type of wedding gown would be a practical choice to wear for your destination wedding.

  1. Begin Your Dress Hunt Early

When you have time in hand, you have more choices to make and different types of dresses to consider. Wedding is an important occasion – moreover, it is your big day, do not leave things for the last moment. A wedding dress is one of the most important things for a bride when she is getting married. A delicate, elaborate and stunning wedding gown is what she requires. She has to look stunning and different from the crowd. So, ensure you begin early and have ample time to explore several boutiques, try on several wedding gowns, make necessary alterations, etc. because you also need to finalize on your accessories for it. Do not make any compromises for your dress, take your time and pick the best one, after all, you are having a destination wedding!

  1. Fabric and Design of the Wedding Gown

The fabric you pick for your wedding gown depends on the type of climate the place of your destination wedding experiences. The hot and humid climate will call for fabrics that don’t sweat, you can opt for shorter dresses, noodle straps, tube styles, etc. Colder climates will let you carry off a gown that has thicker fabric, long, covered shoulders, etc.

Here are some ideas on fabric for different climates:

Beach Climate – Charmeuse, chiffon, tulle and taffeta are all light weight and flowy fabrics. They are soft and manageable. Charmeuse has a beautiful shine but you should take care that it doesn’t get wet because it can tear easily. You could go for a short dress if you pick this fabric so you can wet your feet and still look pretty. High-low, strappy and short dress designs will look perfect for such destination weddings.

Hot Climate – Illusion, organza, chiffon and tulle are all fabrics that are lightweight and do not need to be ironed. They are all sweat free and will not make you feel sticky and exhausted in the dress. The illusion is a beautiful sheer fabric which comes with embroidery and applique work. You can improvise on the colors of your wedding gown and pick beautiful pastels.

Cold Climate – Silk, lace, velvet and stretch jersey are the perfect fabrics for cold climates. You can always mix and match fabric types to get your desired look and style of wedding gown. Silk is one of the Best Fabrics For Bridal Gown because it looks sophisticated and is comfortable to wear. Fur flings, feather capelets and customized bolero jackets accessorize wonderfully with wedding gowns.

Now that you know how to shop for your wedding gown go ahead and get yourself the dreamiest wedding gown for your grand destination wedding!

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