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How to Choose Your Kaftan?

Kaftans are an essential piece of our wardrobes. These easy breezy clothes can be tailored to look contemporary or traditional depending on the occasion you will be wearing it for. This is probably the reason why kaftans in themselves have come up with several variations. Here are a few things that you can keep in your mind when choosing your kaftan.

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Kurti -

How to Choose Kurtis for Your Body Type

The clothes you wear have a huge impact on your personality and the way you look. Starting from the choice of fabric to the length of the clothes every single aspect of your clothing matters. Kurtis are a major part of our wardrobe. So let us look at the things that you should keep in mind when choosing a kurti to suit your body type.

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Hijab -

10 Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf

The hijab is an essential part of our wardrobe. Choosing and styling the hijab deserves as much thought as choosing and styling the rest of your clothes. From making sure that you find a hijab which complements the rest of your look to wearing it in a way that suits the occasion, here are 10 ways in which you can wear the hijab.

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Bridal gowns are always a thing of beauty. They demand careful selection so that the bridal gown can truly match your personality. While we will take a look at the new trends in bridal gowns for this season, it is important that you choose designs which allow you to magnify your beauty without making you uncomfortable. From the choice of colours, to the design and fabric of your bridal gown, everything will make a difference. If you feel unsure about the choices you make, consult a close friend or a member of the family or talk to us at

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Things to Remember while selecting your Custom Stitched Bridal Gown.

Everything you need to know about BRIDAL GOWNS ! 

Once you have discovered your gown, get a pro to explore it so that it would fit your shape. Here’s what you should know before you take the step. Even if you have seen your BRIDAL GOWN and placed your signature to confirm official ownership, you still are not ready to descend the path yet. Several gowns need certain kind of change, and the work scope can differ significantly, based on the place you bought it as well as the number of alterations that would be made. Some custom stitched wedding gowns don’t have much problem that would need changes or amendments. We will show you some things you should know before getting your BRIDAL GOWN for your D-day.

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