Smart Tips on Kurti Styling for Short Women

Smart Tips on Kurti Styling for Short Women

Smart Tips on Kurti Styling for Short Women

Being petite shouldn’t stop you from wearing your favorite clothes. Kurtis are one of the most diverse pieces of clothing women love to wear. Being blessed with a good height is just an advantage, but it definitely doesn’t hinder the style quotient of a woman with a smaller height. As a petite woman, you can always wear the right style kurti to give the illusion of a good height. Here are some cool styling tips that you should try if you are a petite woman who love to wear kurtis.

Short Anarkali

Kalidar kurti’s are in fashion and most of them are floor lengths. Long anarkali’s in flowing silhouette with too many gathers look as if you are drowning in it and make you look even littler. Pick one with a thicker, and vertical designs and one with hemming that ends about four inches below your knee.

Solid Colors

A two-colored kurti, which is has a different color on the bodice and a different one on the flare tends to separate your upper and lower body. This makes you look short. To create an illusion of height and a taller figure wear kurtis with solid colors. This gives you a vertical frame and you look tall.

Add Layers

You can do so much when it comes to ethic wear. Adding layers to your kurti is a smart and stylish way to carry yourself tall. You can wear a pair of slim palazzos – remember to steer far from the big broad ones they are not the right choice for you. An ethnic jacket or a medium flared skirt is also a superb choice when it comes to layering a kurti.

Front Slit and Elongated Prints

Kurtis can come in several different prints. You would love to try all of them but try to stay away from ones that are heavily printed. Diamond patterns, paisleys, neat motifs and elongated prints give an illusion of vertical lines which give you a smart and tall look. Front slits that begin at the waist look cool on short women. You should wear them with solid color bottoms the slits give your legs a taller look and also make you look thin.

Slim Pants

Slim pants look great on petite women. A straight kurti along with a smart slim pant gives you a nice professional look.

Tie-up Belt Kurti

Belts help in defining your waist and are a wonderful way to look stylish. Short women shouldn’t be wearing broad belts because this would only divide their body and make them look shorter. However, if they pick kurtis that come with tie up belts of the same color as their kurti, it will define their waist without dividing their body.

Neck Design

Closed and collar neck designs are not meant for shorter women. When your neck is covered, it dwarfs your neck and makes you look shorter. Whether you are getting a readymade kurti or having it tailored go for deeper necks such as sweetheart neck style or V-neck to give your neck a slender look.

Accessorize Right

You would look even more gorgeous if you styled your accessories right. Heels are always a welcome to petite women – do not shy away from them, embrace them! You don’t need to kill yourself with super high heels instead pick kitten heels or smaller heels. Never overdo your jewelry. Oversized necklaces, danglers, etc. will overpower your look. Sleek chain, a chunky bangle and a pair of studs or jumkis will look beautiful. Elegant clutches, sleek sling bags or medium sized handbags are an excellent choice.

Now you know which type, color and design of kurti will suit your body type. Go ahead and shop for that perfect kurti!

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