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Mother Daughter Combo

Maxim Creation introduces our new Mother and Daughter collection which is all set for you on customer demand!


Make a perfect match with your beloved daughter. Wearing our custom hand made embroidered garments will make you the show stopper of your event. Thus establishing an unbreakable bond of love and compassion between the beloved mother and daughter in the same attire.

It has seemed that the fashion industry has now pioneered a different trend called "mom and me," which gives an exotic look!


Latest Mother & Daughter Set is here!


We provide a large selection of maxis, kaftans, farashas, and Islamic apparel in matching sets for mother and daughter. Matching outfits have been taken to a new level of fashion by our in house Maxim Creation designers.

Hand-stitched work by our in-house artisans, our garments provides you a unique look while allowing you to recognise one-another through the beautiful hand made apparel.

These garments are offered at incredible pricing because it is a combo deal in which you get a mother's set and daughter's set separately All this shopping while you enjoy the offer of free shipping  around the globe.

These dresses are meant to be kept preserved for special moments! Best suited for any wedding related occasion, family reunions or other festive celebrations

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