Trendy Plus Size Kurtis for Women

Trendy Plus Size Kurtis for Women

Trendy Plus Size Kurtis for Women

Being curvy doesn’t restrict you from looking fashionable and wearing chic clothes. Kurtis are one of the most versatile types of garments that a woman can have in her wardrobe. Lately, designers have come up with hundreds of cuts and designs for kurtis that give each one a unique look. Every kurti gives you a different look and lets you have your unique style statement. Whether you are a working woman or a college girl plus size kurtis are made for each one of you. Let us run you through a quick guide on the different types of kurtis that are perfect for women with curves and women that are expecting mothers.

  1. Trail Cut Kurti

With perfect C cuts on both the sides a trail cut kurti looks beautiful on plus size women. It is perfect for pear-shaped women or those that have an hourglass figure. Chiffon, georgette, crepe and silk are the perfect fabrics that compliment this type of kurti. Pick one that has a nice embroidery on the border to enhance its look. Depending on how gorgeous it is you can wear it for just about any occasion.

  1. Angrakha Kurti

It has a wrap look on the upper part and is perfect for curvy women with a heavy bust. Women with apple shape, hourglass body and pear shape body figures look wonderful in angrakha style kurti. Pick ones in cotton, chanderi and silk as they give it an exceptional look. Angrakhas are now adorned with pom-poms, beads and beautiful hangings which give it a nice traditional yet chic look. Tassel jeweler, oxidized jewelry and metallic jewelry go well with the dress.

  1. Floor Length Style Kurti

These kurtis are just like evening gowns. They look beautiful when worn on special occasions for wedding, parties or important events. They are perfect for plus size women and those who are expecting. They hide your stomach area and thighs perfectly and give you a slimmer look. If you are petite, then wear them with heels and taller women can pair them with flats. Crepe, taffeta, satin, polyester and georgette are the best fabrics that enhance the beauty of floor length kurtis.

  1. Shirt Style Kurti

This kurti gives a fusion look and perfect for work and outings. Depending on how you style or accessorize it you can get a professional and a casual look. Denim shirt style kurtis are a must have in the wardrobe for every plus size woman. You can style them with jeans or pants. Flats look great with this kurti, or you can just wear a pair of sneakers for comfort. Those with an hour glass figure should style it with a belt to accentuate your waist. Scarves, leather jacket and slings are perfect accessories for a denim kurti.

  1. High Low Kurti

High-low kurti has a shorter hemline in front compared to the back. It looks feminine and stylish and looks great. Gladiator footwear, sandals, wedges, slippers and bellies look great with this pattern. Depending on the fabric that you pick this kurti in, you can wear it for different occasions. Georgette, silk, rayon and viscose fabric are perfect for receptions, dating or weddings. Cotton or denim fabric high-low kurtis can be worn for casual outings, college or family gatherings. Tribal jewelry and hoop earrings are perfect accessories. Curvy and Petite women should avoid high-low kurtis; it will make them look plumper.

  1. Kaftan Style Kurti

This is one of the most comfortable pieces of the garment in kurtis. A kaftan is usually vibrant with wide sleeves and has a loose fit on the body.  Since it fits loosely it is great for pregnant and curvy women. The kurtis are perfect for beach parties or a regular day at the beach when it can be used as a coverall. Loose bottoms are a big NO with this type of kurti. You can wear them without any bottoms or jeans, straight pants, tights and jeggings would also look superb with it.

  1. Asymmetric Kurti

This has a different hemline and gives the illusion of being tall. An Asymmetrical cut kurti has a high hemline on one side and a lower hemline on the other side. Lightweight fabrics work great with asymmetrical kurtis – georgette, crepe and chiffon are perfect. Women with apple-shaped bodies should avoid this style of kurti. Hourglass shape, pear shape and rectangular shape women should definitely go with this style as it would complement their body shape. You can wear them with your choice of the bottom and use a handheld clutch or tote to accessorize it. Dangling earrings and long chain pendants will add to your beauty.

Now that you know what will best suit your curvy body go ahead and shop for those beautiful kurtis.

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