How to Choose Kurtis for Your Body Type

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How to Choose Kurtis for Your Body Type

How to Choose Kurtis for Your Body Type

The clothes you wear have a huge impact on your personality and the way you look. Starting from the choice of fabric to the length of the clothes every single aspect of your clothing matters. Kurtis are a major part of our wardrobe. So let us look at the things that you should keep in mind when choosing a kurti to suit your body type.


Choosing the fabric of your tunic may seem like a simple task, but the fashion world has lots to offer in terms of fabric quality. Pure cotton are difficult to maintain while polyesters can endure rough-handling. Chiffons are rich while satin can be too glamorous for daily wear kurtis. Petite body types can try layering their clothes with more than one fabric to add volume. Those who want to flaunt their curves will find that polyester mix fabrics are body-hugging. To avoid attracting attention to the curves, cotton and linens are more generous.


Asymmetrical hemlines have been toyed with by many women. Some find them interesting while others tend to avoid it. Asymmetry creates a distraction and this is why asymmetrical hemlines can help in attracting attention away from the curves.

As for the usual hemlines, the length of your kurti will play a role in flaunting your curves or hiding it. Long kurtis help you hide your curves while short ones are revealing. Embroidery work or embellishments in the hemlines will also play a role. Short kurtis with embellishments will bring attention to the area where the tunic ends allowing you to show-off your curves.


Fashion has changed in its outlook towards prints. Earlier large prints were avoided by curvy body types, but now, you will find many women of different body types wearing large prints. At this time, floral prints are a big thing in fashion. Most fashion houses have been using floral prints on their clothes and there is no reason why you should add some to your wardrobe too.

Large floral printed tunics can look refreshingly beautiful on all body types just like small floral prints. But you can also try geometric prints, and animal prints. If your kurti is designed carefully, then all kinds of prints can look good on you. provides a range of printed custom-made kurtis which can be tailored to suit your body type.

Solid Colors

Solid colors are also suitable for most body shapes. They have the ability to create the illusion of length which means that you may look taller if you wear solid colors. Good for women of all body shapes, solid colors usually go well with statement jewelry. Solid colored kurtis can also be good for women who want to achieve a minimalistic look. Solid pastels are great for summers and can be accessorized with pearls. Darker colors are more suitable for evenings.

If you have a larger upper body and a slim lower body, then try wearing a solid colored kurti with printed bottoms. For those with a larger lower body, wear printed kurtis with dark bottoms.

Readymade or Custom-made

Readymade clothes cater to people with fixed body shapes. They are not tailored to meet your body’s exact measurements. This is why readymade clothes are good for daily wear, but custom-made clothes are always a better option. By customizing your kurti, you will be able to ensure that the seamstress understands your body type and is able to stitch the clothes to enhance your looks.

Those who have an hourglass shape where the upper and lower body are perfectly shaped to define the waist, you would find that custom-made clothes can help you flaunt your curves. Those with a larger upper body will be able to pick readymade kurtis, but custom-made kurtis will be suitable to ensure that the shoulders of the kurti are perfectly placed.


Necklines tend to draw a lot of attention. This is why you must ensure that the necklines of your kurtis are suited for your body type. If you have broad shoulders, then avoid boat necks. V-necks look good on people with a larger upper body. But if you have a smaller upper body then boat neckline, mandarin style neckline and square necklines can look pretty.

Needless to say, at we believe that comfort comes before everything else. This is why we encourage our clients to pick clothes that they are comfortable in. Since many of our clients have constantly asked for advice on the kurtis that will be suitable for their body types, we decided to put together this article that intends to give you a rough picture on the styles that can enhance your beauty and personality. Talk to us for custom-made kurtis that will be best-suited for your body type.

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