How to Choose Your Kaftan?

How to Choose Your Kaftan?

How to Choose Your Kaftan?

Kaftans are an essential piece of our wardrobes. These easy breezy clothes can be tailored to look contemporary or traditional depending on the occasion you will be wearing it for. This is probably the reason why kaftans in themselves have come up with several variations. Here are a few things that you can keep in your mind when choosing your kaftan:

  1. Sleeves

Bell sleeves and bat wings are good for women who have a medium sized to large sized body shape. Petite women should get their bell sleeves tailored to ensure that it does not look as if the sleeves are taking up all the attention. Small women may find bat wings to be overwhelming unless they want to create the illusion of a larger size.


  1. Frills and belts

Kaftans with frills on the sides will add volume. So if you are trying to hide your curves, then you would like to avoid this style. On the other hand, using a belt around the waist can reduce volume. Belts tend to gather the material towards the body and give you a more fitted look. This is why you will find that belts can help in hiding curves.


A custom-made kaftan can be designed with a belt of the same material around the waist. At you will find a number of kaftans designed with an embroidered band around the waist. These embroidered bands or belts enhance the beauty of the kaftan and look good on most body shapes.


  1. Layers

Another aspect that requires consideration is the layering for your kaftan. Too many layers will add volume to the outfit and no layers at all can make the kaftan look flimsy. Choose layers for kaftans that have an outer layer of net or chiffon. But if you are going for a kaftan which is made of cotton, then you may not require layers for it.


  1. Fitting

Well-fitted clothes will show your curves. Kaftans are generally a great way to hide curves, but if you use kaftans with ropes around the waist, you may want to ensure that the rope does not end up too tight to create curves that you do not want to show.


Avoid loosely fitted kaftans if you have a petite body. Small body shapes should ideally look for custom-made kaftans which can be tailored to suit their body shape perfectly. Oversized kaftans can be difficult to carry and are not very functional for daily wear.


  1. Material

The material of the kaftan can depend on your choice. Materials that stick to the body will allow you to flaunt your curves. Choosing layers can hide curves but the layering should be of materials that do not add too much volume. For example chiffon and net can be layered with cotton blends for a crisp and beautiful look.


  1. Colors

Kaftans can be picked in a range of colors, materials and prints. While floral prints are most popular this year, solid colors never go out of fashion either. If you are wearing printed kaftans then you may find it easier to keep your accessories on the minimal side. If you are wearing solid colors then you can get generous with your accessories.


  1. Occasion

Kaftans can be worn for several occasions. From planning a walk on the beach to making a statement at your best friend’s wedding, kaftans always have your back. Pick simple, breezy styles for everyday use and pick heavily embroidered kaftans for weddings and parties. Embroidered kaftans can be heavy and may not be suitable for wearing them for long hours, so if you are buying a kaftan for an occasion that will last for a long time then go for light embroidery and choose kaftans which are made out of lighter fabrics.


Georgette and chiffon kaftans which come with a lining can be easy to carry for the day. Beads and sequins add weight to your kaftan so make sure that you try them before buying such kaftans. has a wide range of kaftans featuring a variety of fabrics and designs. You can talk to us to know more about the kaftan that will be best suited for your body type or you can go through our online collection and get it tailored for your size. When it comes to clothing, we feel that comfort has highest importance. This is why all our clothes are designed with comfort in mind. We design kaftans to meet the needs of contemporary shoppers as well as for traditional occasions.

While every day kaftans are designed for functionality and comfort, kaftans designed for occasions are generally hand-embroidered and feature rich designs that are meant to enhance your look and keep your comfortable at the same time. If you have more tips or any questions about choosing a kaftan then leave a comment.

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