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5 reasons to love Embroidered Kaftan Dresses

5 reasons to love Embroidered Kaftan Dresses

Why Love KAFTANS: 5 Reasons You Should Know!

Why Love KAFTANS: 5 Reasons You Should Know! 

If you’re kind of following us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll notice that our interest is always on KAFTANS, especially DUBAI KAFTAN. We believe that all women should have some in her wardrobe. Whether they’re EMBROIDERED KAFTAN or custom made, they are just very versatile. They would fit you no matter how they’re worn. You can even pair them with skinny jeans or leggings for a timeless assortment of appearances.

Let us show you the reasons that would make you go for a designer DUBAI KAFTAN that can be the best addition to the summer and spring wardrobe you would love to go for. Check these out!

  • They are pleasing to the eye:

For many years in different cultures, handmade or hand EMBROIDERED KAFTANS has been the dress of abundance. They resemble royalty, elegance, and power. In modern times beautiful fabrics, georgette, and silk are for making KAFTANS. Stones are used to beautifying them for a unique touch, even if you’re going for a casual outing, a wedding or a cocktail occasion with your friends, you’ll look great wearing your desired EMBROIDERED KAFTAN.

  • Light Polyester Georgette fabric material, remains fresh and flows together with the breeze:

If you want to book a vacation, gathering several KAFTANS would not only occupy a small space in your travel bag but also leave a minimum weight. However, when the days warmer, they’re ideal to be solely worn since they’re very breathable and light. You may always put on a slip beneath, as the climate gets cooler.


  • You would have more excitement at the BBQ:

Some KAFTANS are custom stitched while some are EMBROIDERED KAFTAN. Knowing the type of KAFTAN you’re wearing simply hides the tummy that shows after a big meal. It’s just precious! KAFTANS are for lose fit and look oversized somehow. So don’t worry, they won’t look like a pergola. They’re just flowy dresses that are great in lose fitting manner. If you want to add a more attractive shape, get a designed waist belt or use the same material of the KAFTAN to make a knot behind. It looks immensely gorgeous and would showcase your full shape.


  • They can be worn with assorted kinds of shoes, and it’ll make a perfect new outfit:

Put on heels with your EMBROIDERED KAFTAN and attend the cocktail or wedding ceremony. You can wear gold, silver, or strappy nude footwear for elegant events. Change to platforms or wedges for a noon lunch or shopping day. This would give you an extremely casual and smart look. Moreover, don’t fail to remember your flats when going to the poolside or beach.

  • Won’t lose figure with no shrink or stretch:

You will see that there would be no self-adjustment all the time. Your KAFTAN would maintain its figure for the whole day. It won’t get smaller or bigger as the sunsets. Therefore, wear it confidently and enjoy your glamorous super comfy look.

Therefore, if you loved my blog on DUBAI KAFTAN, feel free to purchase it and get worldwide Free Shipping to your doorstep immediately. Moreover, leave your comment below and sign up for more!

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