What Is The Best Fabric For Your Luxury Wedding Gown With Cape

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What Is The Best Fabric For Your Luxury Wedding Gown With Cape

The best fabric for wedding gowns with capes can depend heavily on the weather during which the wedding is to take place and the body shape of the bride. There are a number of fabrics that may be suitable for your gown, but few that may give you the look you are aiming to achieve. Here is a look at some of the best fabrics for luxury wedding gowns with cape:

  1. Lace

Lace is typical for femininity and charm. Lace fabrics are used in combination with a base fabric on which most of the sewing is completed. Lace is usually the top-most layer of the dress which is extended to the cape with or without the base fabric. Brides have always loved lace for its soft and romantic feel.

  1. Chiffon

It is very light and is gentle on sensitive skin as well. But chiffon will not be able to carry a lot of embellishments. Generally, chiffon dresses can feature lace trimmings or sequins instead of heavy beads and stones. It is perfect for flowy wedding gowns.

  1. Velvet

Known to be a fabric preferred by many royals, velvet is exquisite, but it is not easy to handle. Heavy embellishments can be easily handled by velvet dresses and you can either use a lace or net cape along with a velvet gown. It is best to choose velvet fabric for winter weddings.

  1. Silk

Silk is exquisite. It gives brides a lot of variety in colours and textures. You can use silk in the wedding gown as well as the cape, or you can match a silk gown with a brocade cape. Silk can be heavily embellished, but it may not be suitable for warm weather.




  1. Net

There are various qualities of net available for wedding gowns. It works well for stone embellishments and can easily be used for the cape as well. Look for the good quality net that does not easily fray or loses its shape. Since the net is difficult to maintain, you must be careful with your jewellery when wearing net because your jewellery can snag the net.

  1. Organza

It is very similar to chiffon, but it is somewhat stiffer and adds more volume to your gown. The fabric is lightweight, which will keep you comfortable and will at the same time, add texture to your gown.

  1. Taffeta

This is a close cousin of silk. Usually made from silk and synthetic fibres, taffeta makes a beautiful rustling sound and has a crisp outlook. You can use heavy embroidery or embellishments on taffeta.

  1. Georgette

Since georgette is a soft and flowy fabric, both the gown and the cape can use the same material with lace trimmings or pearl embellishments. Georgette is not suitable for heavy embroidery and is mostly preferred by summer brides.

  1. Tulle

Popularized by ballet dancers, tulle is the material used by the dancers in their tutu skirts. Stiff tulle is often used as a veil while softer tulle can be used for flowy wedding gowns.

  1. Brocade

Brocade cannot be used on its own for the entire dress. It requires a base fabric on which the brocade is used to enhance the beauty of the gown. It is suitable for winter weddings and can be made from silk or synthetic materials. It features raised jacquard designs making your wedding gown look very royal.

  1. Charmeuse

Charmeuse is a soft fabric which feels very much like satin. It has a glossy look and is perfect for wedding gowns embellished with rhinestones. It is mostly used for creating flowy dresses.

  1. Crepe

Another light and flowy fabric, crepe is suitable for summer weddings. It has a beautiful crinkled finished that adds a lot of beauty to your dress. Crepe wedding gowns can be paired with capes of the same material or with lace capes.

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