Tips to Choose the Right Farasha Maxi Dresses for Wedding

Tips to Choose the Right Farasha Maxi Dresses for Wedding

Weddings are a sparkly affair. This is why wedding dresses require so much of thought and attention. For most brides, shopping for the right dress can take a long time. Needless to say, all the time spent on looking for the right fabric, getting the right seamstress and even choosing the perfect jewellery is worth every second. If you are currently looking for a farasha maxi wedding dress then here are a few tips that may help you ensure that your wedding dress is perfect:

  1. Comfort trend

As a bride, you definitely want to look like the centre of the wedding but remember that you will be required to wear your dress for a long time which means that you must prepare yourself for a tiring day. This is why comfort is very important in the clothes you choose for yourself. While you definitely want to look trendy, you must consider clothing that will allow you to stay comfortable as well. Heavy fabrics like silk and velvet are good for winter weddings but if your wedding is planned on a warm day then choose lighter fabrics which will keep you comfortable and make you look beautiful. 

  1. Glamour simplicity

Sometimes, in the need to stay comfortable, you may end up choosing overly simple dresses. While simplicity is greatly appreciated and can make you look modest and feminine, you can entirely forgo glamour for your wedding. Instead of keeping your dress simple, choose fabric and embellishments which are lighter and easier to carry. 




  1. Jewellery embellishments

Embellishments make your dress heavier while jewellery allows you the chance to lighten your weight if you find yourself getting weary after some time. Since heavy embellishments require heavy fabrics, it also means that you may end up wearing silk or velvet, which can increase the overall weight of your dress. Winter brides may not find this too difficult, but summer brides would avoid such fabrics. On the other hand, if you choose a less embellished fabric and style it with heavy jewellery, then you can reduce the weight of your farasha, making it easy for you to move around in your wedding dress. 

  1. Basic Colour Printed fabric

Mostly, wedding farashas are in basic colours with heavy embroidery or embellishments, but modern trends have seen the introduction of printed fabrics making it possible for brides to look glamorous in light-weight fabrics too. While we continue to find basic colours very interesting for brides, printed fabrics be considered for beach weddings or outdoor weddings in warm climates. 

  1. Thread embroidery sequins and beads

While both can be charming, sequins and beads are preferred over thread embroidery for wedding farashas because they add a hint of shimmer and shine. Since weddings are best remembered through photos, sequins and beads make you sparkle in your photos while thread embroidery usually does not have the same quality of shininess. 

  1. Belted or non-belted

This is more of a personal choice, but your body shape can play a role in it. Tall women will find belted farashas more suitable. Belts, if designed correctly, can also help you look thinner and can avoid attention towards your curves. For weddings, heavily embroidered belts in your farasha maxi dress can add to the splendour of your attire. 

  1. Low neck high collar

Deep necks may seem odd, but if you layer your hijab perfectly around the neck and wear a farasha with a heavily embroidered low neckline, then it can look beautiful. The hijab embroidery can continue into your farasha’s neckline embroidery, making it look more beautiful. On the other hand, high collars can be exquisite, but they may get uncomfortable over a long period of time, especially if they are embellished with sequins and beads. You should also avoid high collars if you have sensitive skin.




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