Bridal Gown Trends in 2019

Bridal Gown Trends in 2019

Bridal Gown Trends in 2019

Bridal gowns are always a thing of beauty. They demand careful selection so that the bridal gown can truly match your personality. While we will take a look at the new trends in bridal gowns for this season, it is important that you choose designs which allow you to magnify your beauty without making you uncomfortable. From the choice of colours, to the design and fabric of your bridal gown, everything will make a difference. If you feel unsure about the choices you make, consult a close friend or a member of the family or talk to us at

  1. Embroidered Bridal Gowns

Embroidery breathes in unexpected beauty to any gown. The type of embroidery can vary from thread embroidery to sequins and pearls depending on the theme of the wedding or the personality of the bride. Hand embroidered bridal gowns have made a comeback. Earlier, hand embroidery was seen on most gowns, but as machines replaced handiwork, hand embroidered weddings gowns were seen lesser among brides. As hand embroidery returns to wedding gowns, it has started trending among many new brides.


  1. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors were earlier seen as dull and gloomy. But brides are starting to find pastel colors to be more interesting and attractive making them a big trend for bridal gowns. Unlike the brightly coloured weddings gowns, pastel colored gowns give brides the opportunity to play with accessories and aim for a minimalistic and beautiful look. Pastels also look beautiful for outdoor weddings and day weddings. Soft colors also allow for the bride to go for natural makeup which is also trending at this time.


  1. Long Western-style gowns

Western ball gowns have also made an entry into a bridal gown trends this year. Many brides are starting to choose the long gowns with net hijabs as their bridal gowns. Brides who are planning a destination wedding or who have chosen a less traditional theme can try choosing a western-style gown for their wedding. Unconventional brides would love these gowns.


There are many ways in which you can accessorize these gowns. From keeping it simple to choosing a statement neckpiece and earrings, brides can try different styles to pick something that suits their personality.


  1. Accessorized Hijab

Plain hijabs will never go out of style, but accessorised hijabs are starting to trend among brides too. You can either choose to accessorize the hijab with fresh flowers or you can wear a tiara on your hijab. Traditional jewellery also goes very well on hijabs. Instead of using jewellery on your hair you can embellish the hijab with these pieces. Depending on the look that you are planning to achieve, you can keep it simple with a string of pearls or a basic tiara, or you can choose flamboyance and use statement jewellery on your hijab.


  1. Cutwork or scalloped edges

Both, the hijab as well as the wedding gown is beginning to feature a lot of cutwork on the fabrics. Scalloped edges, which have also been around for quite some time are trending in bridal gowns. Cutwork gives the fabric a lacy look. It adds charm to the outfit and makes the bride look more beautiful. Scalloped edges embellished with pearls or sequins also enhance the beauty of bridal gowns.


If you are getting a custom-stitched wedding gown then you can ask your seamstress to add scallops. Handmade gowns give you the option to tailor the dress according to your requirements making it easy for you to add design aesthetics that may otherwise be absent from the gown.


  1. Fancy sleeves

Long sleeves don’t necessarily have to be plain and boring. This year, brides are beginning to pick sleeves that feature cutwork or are embellished with embroidery. While cutwork on the sleeves can look beautiful, there are many new ways in which sleeves are being styled. You can choose scalloped edges, buttons on your sleeves or beautiful embellishments of pearls and sequin work. Hand embroidery on the sleeve edges can also give the gown a beautiful look.

Many of these trends have made a comeback while some are refreshingly new and may stay for a long time. While vibrant bridal gowns were more common, pastels are becoming a new favourite among brides. The influence of global fashion has also made it possible for brides to choose from a variety of designs including wedding dresses being styled as western ball gowns.

New ways to style the hijab have also helped brides look more fashionable for their wedding day. These new styles are now more accessible too. Visit to shop for wedding gowns that are designed for the modern bride and come in a range of traditional and modern aesthetics.

Since wedding gowns are one of the most important aspects of the wedding for brides, it is important that the gown is comfortable as well as beautiful. If you have questions or comments about these new trends then leave us a comment.

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