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Inner Dress & Night Gown

Maxim creation now also offers exquisite inner dress and night gown collection. These satin nightdresses are something you should not miss if you want to make your night special and comfortable.

Its features are absolutely perfect for night wear as it is lightweight, unique with simplicity and easy to wear.

It comes with different neck styles and sleeves.  The nightwear is available in various shades of colours that have a vintage feel to it. It's a must-have nightgown for a restful night sleep. The dress is made of satin, and it flatters the curves. This is a one-piece nightgown that provides comfort as well as a sexier appearance. The dress is made of smooth satin fabric, so you can sleep comfortably while enjoying the fabric's skin-friendly touch.

We are well-known for our handcrafted designs. So we designed this night maxi dress with a hand-embroidered pattern to make you seem gorgeous while wearing this most comfy dress.

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