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Gift yourself a Maxim Creation Farasha / Maxi look as you step out. Maxim Creation provides a high class range of Farasha Maxi Collection. As a fashion lover for your Embroidered Maxi you can locate all of your favourite gowns in one place.

 Maxim Creation offers unique and customized hand made embroidery work done by the skilled Indian Artisans. We are known for our speciality in Hand Made Garments, Ari Thread Embroidery, and Custom Stitched Gowns. Our updated apparel collection will keep you looking confident, sexy, stylish, and super-comfortable. We custom make every dress to your specific order. We provide you the confidence to select your size / send us your custom measurements. Our in house special Customization team has highly skilled Masters and Tailors to cater to all your customization needs and make you the perfect fitting dress.

Maxim Creation provides new age Bohemian Farasha Maxi. Bring yourself up to speed with our concise selection of neck lines and sleeve styles.

Beach Style Maxi is usually a loose garment which is a perfect choice to spend your summer holidays. Make your style look something new as we give you every moment you explore on to our website. These dresses are ideal for your favorite summer vacation holidays & casual outings.

Our Designer Maxi Dresses for Women, available in a broad selection of designs and colours, perfectly highlight a woman's elegant personality. Browse our Maxim Creation website for a huge selection of Women's Maxi Dresses and evening gowns in sizes ranging from XS to 5XL.

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