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Young Stars Collection

Shop a uniquely hand crafted Kids kaftan dress for your cute little one. You can now browse our website and stay up-to-date with the latest collection for kids. Our products are made with high quality fabric keeping in the mind the delicate requirements for children. Hand Made Embroidery is our specialty curated by our in-house designers. We also offer special discounts on Kid’s Kaftans with free shipping and quick delivery. Our team has just launched a new collection for our kiddos as per their mom’s request!

A wise thought we always cherish:

“Each daughter wants to be a shadow of their mother’s replica about how she makes herself up”

Let your kid be the next fashionista in this modern world. Keeping the kid’s ever growing size, Kaftans are usually loose garments. Such dresses can be worn on your favorite summer vacation holidays & birthday parties. Presenting multi-colour options and custom stitched garments for children.

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  • This was my first experience with this company and you guys did a fantastic job. I have just received my package on time and the outfits looks the same it was shown online. I will recommend my friends and family about this company.

    - Naazrin Nisha

  • The tea party cardigan exceeded my expectations! The tea party cardigan is so beautiful! It arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to purchase me items!

    - LaTosha Monroe

  • Great dresses. I've ordered 5 dresses. Great quality, price. Really pleased with them. Ordered to the uk & delivered really quickly. Impressive

    - Saba. A

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