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      Today marks the arrival of the much-celebrated holy month of Ramadan. While our days currently may pass differently as compared to older times because of life after the recent pandemic, we are as much excited for this month as we have always been. Eid al-Fitr - a celebration inseparable from harmony, love and heavenly food is likewise an occasion in itself for a spruce up a meeting. Also certain enough, we love to enjoy the delicacy of tasty foods like biryani, sweets, mandi etc along with our own prep over the dressing.
      For those of us who are cruising in a boat to find a perfect look for this Eid well, we can say here we bring the solution for your search. Here's your opportunity to make all the necessities go in flaw as we bring the entire new collection for Eid. Here are some styling tips that you can imitate with the ethnic pieces that you own. So let’s explore what Maxim Creation got you for Eid 2022.
      You all must be thinking that how come a kaftan can be different from one another. So here is the answer: yes kaftan can be different in style and it does give different vibes as well. Although here at Maxim Creation we got a lot of Kaftan styles, some of them are specifically designed for special occasions like weddings, eid or any important event. We will be discussing all about that so let’s begin the journey.
      Dubai kaftans are famous for their unique color and cuts. Here at Maxim Creation, we have a huge variety of Dubai Kaftan. Our craftsman has put their soul and heart into the handmade work over our kaftan. Dubai kaftan comes with multiple variations like Kaftan gown, Jalabiya Kaftan, Takchita Kaftan, Maxi Kaftans and Djellaba and many more. As far as the embroidery are concerned you can explore a variety of designs and cuts that go fit with Eid first day to the rest of the gathering as well. We got premium quality fabric for kaftans such as georgette and velvet mainly but yes they have some unique variety on the net.
      The best part about the Dubai kaftan collection is the range of dress sizes, we are providing the zero size to large size kaftan. You can also make the look complete by shopping for new arrivals in shoes, clutches and jewelry to complete the look. If you shop from Muslim stores online then avail of free worldwide delivery.
      As we all are familiar with this concept, kaftans represent the ethnic background in their designs and cuts. Similarly in our Moroccan Takchita, we represent all the ethical touches in its design and colors. Maxim Creation brings the most unique and most stylish takchita in town that will not only glow up your personality on Eid but will also light up your mood as well. By keeping the modern era in mind we have introduced the traditional Takchita attire with modern fusion to make it a mark of the latest fashion trends.
      Takchita comes with a two-piece one that holds the cut and one that holds the design. Our designer works very hard to bring the concept into a beautiful way of modern touch that can be worn not only for eid occasions but any other events like weddings or family gatherings. The embellishment used in the Takchita dresses is famous for its unique pattern. It doesn’t give any heavyweight feeling.
      The elegant look of design and cut of two-layer attire can best fit the waist belt. An elegant rust, silver, gold and jewel belt can be the ideal partner with a Takchita outfit. Some of the belts come with the replica of stone embellishments in them such as ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald. However the addition of a belt can be optional, you can wear it separately and in some dresses where the dress is 3 pieces, the belt comes along with it.
      Eid can never be called eid if the accessories are not added to it. Maxim Creation brings a wide range of jewelry that has some beautiful gold texture earrings & necklace sets and bangles too. Eid is an occasion where a bit more glamor can be okay than the normal days. Apart from jewel shoes and clutches collections are also available but one thing that should not go missing is the face masks. Our face mask collection is so vibrant that nothing goes off with the look and plus precautions are better to keep on such crowded events.
      No need to wait to grab your favorite dress for this Eid at the best affordable price before it gets out of stock!

      Designer Embroidered Kaftan Dress by Maxim Creation

      Designer Embroidered Kaftan Dress by Maxim Creation

      It is true that your outfit defines you and creates the first opinion of your personality. As a result, finding the appropriate apparel becomes quite essential.
      A kaftan, on the other hand, is an outfit that you can never go wrong with. Kaftan is a luxury piece of clothing that all women must own. It gives you a magical and royal appearance when worn to any occasion. Maxim Creation is the right place to choose the best embroidered kaftan as we have a variety of beautiful designs and colors available.
      Kaftans are typically thought of as basic, simple, and graceful clothing, but by including a trendy design element, they have become a worldwide sensation. Embroidered kaftans are in high demand and are embraced by women all over the world.
      At Maxim Creation, embroidering includes embellishment with jewels, pearls, sparkles, and rhinestones, making our elegant kaftan collection a necessity for all events. In our collection, we have embellished kaftans that are gorgeous and fascinating, and everyone loves them because of their one-of-a-kind handiwork.
      Our multiple types of intricate designs, such as stumpwork, cutwork, goldwork, blackwork, crewel applique, and others, provide customers with a wide range of options. Embroidered kaftans also have the bonus of being able to use various colors threads for embroidery, giving it a more attractive look by blending and pairing colors to produce new and inventive different shades that give the kaftan a cheerier yet classy look.
      Pay a visit to Maxim Creation’s kaftan collection and pick the best embroidered kaftan of your choice! We also offer customization to make sure we fulfill all your requirements and give you a unique appearance for the occasion.
      Top kaftan choices suitable for all events
      Indeed, kaftans are quite easy and comfy to wear that come in vibrant colors and attractive designs. They are so versatile that you can wear them in casual, as well as formal events too.
      You can cherish your attire by wearing an elegant kaftan in a grandeur wedding, parties, and family get-togethers. Apart from that, kaftans can be styled casually for daily wear as they come in trendy designs that will enhance your simple appearance. They have various neck designs, digital & embroidered patterns, fabric, sleeve style, and unique prints that give kaftans a breathtaking look.
      Here are our best embroidered kaftan picks for you:
      If you are looking for embroidery work, Moroccan kaftans are a must in your wardrobe. They are extremely attractive and stylish that are well-suited for all types of events, like, parties and weddings. However, they are also perfect for a casual meeting at a restaurant.
      Dubai Kaftan is an ideal dress in case you are looking for something different to wear at an event and look unique. These kaftans are an all-rounder which are remarkably patterned with sparkling hand embroidery and gorgeous thread work. Shop multiple-designed Dubai kaftans with different color patterns and styles at Maxim Creation.
      Farasha maxi kaftans are popular for weddings and ceremonies because unique jewels and beads work offer a dash of glitz and glam. Because images are the finest way to remember an event, sparkles, and pearls make you dazzle in pictures, along with thread embroidery that adds a beautiful reflectiveness.
      We are a one-stop-shop for the best embroidered kaftans for you
      As the world becomes more connected, fashion welcomes variability and diversity in more aspects than ever before. Women's kaftan outfits are one such item that has been revitalized time throughout cultures. Kaftans with a longer length and loose fit are regarded as comfy, whilst lavishly intricately embroidered kaftans are viewed as luxurious.
      At Maxim Creation, you can adore the Arabic traditional dresses, such as kaftans as they are the best for all occasions. We ensure the high-quality and the finest handiwork you would have ever seen. Whether the embroidery work is done by machine or by hand, it is always magnificent and one-of-a-kind, so you can be confident that you will receive the perfection you need.
      We take special care of the various shapes and sizes and modern preferences to make sure that all women stand out from the rest. We feel that clothing not only enhances your own fashion statement but also plays a key role in defining your persona.
      Your attire offers the people around you an immediate sense of who you are. Keeping that in mind, Maxim Creation creates personalized women's clothing, ensuring outstanding kaftans while giving you a radiant personality.

      Maxim Creation- Your hub for Traditional Wedding Dresses

      Maxim Creation- Your hub for Traditional Wedding Dresses

      The spectacular, loosened-up look accomplished from the Kaftans is the reason they have made to must wear attire for this year’s wedding season. The admirable weather brings back the kaftans wedding business into multiple variations. At Maxim creation, The brilliant shade of the Kaftans has acquired much ubiquity. Kaftans are solace wear that makes them an ideal clothing style for wedding events along with parties and several occasions. Tracking down its starting point back to the Mesopotamian time where kaftan was considered as the must-wear at the special occasion by women.
      The Kaftans are accessible in an assortment of textures like fleece, cashmere, silk and fleece. Here at Maxim creation, we got kaftan in several fabrics. The reason for putting kaftan into different textures was mainly the weather and the choice of the customer. So we got our wedding collection into the following material:
      1. Velvet
      2. Net
      3. Georgette
      4. Rayon fabric
      5. Satin fabric
      Whether your occasion is an oceanside excursion or indoor event our light and breezy material of the Kaftans settle on it the ideal decision for any event. You can mark your event more memorable by matching out the best pair of shoes and accessories from our collection, which is specially designed by keeping kaftan elegancy in mind. Right from the style sovereign of the Tv screen, the Kaftan look has been a top pick of the Bollywood town Divas.
      Have you been captivated by the Kaftan look? Why not relax in a Kaftan during your wedding for accomplishing the tasteful diva look? Here is a portion of the comfortable and stylish Kaftan plans straight out from the place of couture architects that you can think about checking out at your wedding.
      Maxim creation designers surely know the importance of embroidered kaftan and know how to deeply inspire the ladies with their design assortments. In any event, if you love rich and extravagant embroidery, looking for an outfit for the commitment or gathering then you can consider getting a sequin weaved kaftan by Maxim creation. Here we have a variety of colours that are beautifully designed to enhance the elegancy of the kaftan. The kaftan includes weaving on the neck area and differentiating shading texture itemizing on the edges. Apart from that, you can get the kaftan in all types of material as per your choice.
      Embroidered kaftans in our wedding collection have acquired so much prevalence. The kaftan includes weaving on the neck area and differentiating shading texture specifying on the edges is the ideal decision for accomplishing a glitz yet comfortable look.
      Maxim creation offers a range of stylish cut kaftans in energetic shades that are the ideal decision for displaying at the gathering or wedding. The splendid shade of the embellished kaftans by the Maxim creation is the reason they have been broadly acclaimed. Sumptuous, present-day and modern is the thing that suitably portrays our wedding collection kaftan.
      The fashioner utilizes distinctive methods and fine handwork to adorn the bohemian rehashes of the conventional Kaftans.
      The amazing impact of conventional eastern outlines is the reason it settles on it an optimal decision for the brides. Searching for outfits that would match befit the event. Then, at that point, think about checking the printed kaftan that also comes with amazing cuts that enhance the uniqueness of each fall. The kaftan plan by Maxim creation contains sheer breeze texture alongside nature-roused prints. The printed kaftans give the presence of a botanical stylish look.
      Assuming there's anything that we gained from the celeb’s weddings is the tradition of the kaftan. it is that downplayed style that can never leave design and makes it a perfect combo for occasions like Heena or musical events. That is to say, taking a gander at pictures from these superstar weddings caused us to understand that restrained and fight-free outfits bring a lot of advantages to the table.
      Furthermore, it isn't simply us, a ton of ladies these days are deciding on eccentric and new wedding outfits that don't fall in the zillion kilogram classification. Think lightweight, window hangings, super simple dresses and stylish and popular kaftans. Discussing the last option, kaftans are incredibly famous with ladies and wedding visitors and for the appropriate reasons. So shop now to make your event more memorable by buying the absolutely gorgeous range of kaftan that fits best with all the wedding events.

      Fashion Tips - Do’s and Don'ts with Kaftans

      Fashion Tips - Do’s and Don'ts with Kaftans

      Get the Latest and Trendy Fashion tips from Maxim Creation 


      Kaftan is a long, loose dress mainly worn in countries of the Middle East. Kaftans never go out of style and are considered one of the most versatile outfits you can ever add to your wardrobe. They are perfect for a beach, for an evening party and can be styled in so many ways with a few customizations. With some spot-on accessories, a perfect clutch, and footwear that can make a difference, you’re all set to ace the style game like a diva.


      Available in several designs, colors, lengths, and different fabrics, a kaftan can act as a versatile garment and therefore is a must-have for you during the summer season. But, to look like a fashionista with this quirky outfit, all you need to learn is some basics on how to style it well. Styling a Kaftan can be a tricky job. If not styled properly, it would not look as flattering as it is supposed to.


      Do’s with Kaftans:


      Select the Right Material


      Kaftans are flowy and require the right type of fabric, depending on the occasion you want to style them for. If you plan to pack your kaftan clothes for a beach vacation, they should be made of fabrics like cotton or so. This fabric will keep you comfortable, absorb sweat and help your body remain cool. In contrast, heavy fabrics like silk and rayon go perfectly with your evening parties or functions.


      Appropriate Length


      The length can make a huge difference as longer-length Kaftans are perfect for an elegant look, while the shorter ones give you a quirky and chic look. You can wear a short kaftan as a dress or pair it with jeans or ripped shorts for a relaxed day trip. A long kaftan can be paired with a bohemian dress with silver pieces. It can also look stylish if paired with elegant jewelry and high heels. If you want to wear it for a day at the office, we recommend going for a mid-length printed kaftan and pairing it with a pair of leggings to complete your look.


      Choosing the Correct Accessories


      Accessorizing it can go completely wrong if you are not careful about the occasion, and especially with a Kaftan, it can be very tricky. Having said that, you also cannot ignore the power of good accessories with a dress like this. So, choose your accessory according to the occasion. And, if you wear a plain or printed kaftan, you can wear an elegant necklace with it without hesitation. You can also accessorize it with your favorite bag.


      Proper Footwear


      You should go for a flattering heel or neckline with your kaftan dress for a night out. For a casual day, you can go for ballet flats, or even a casual beach slipper will do. If you are wearing a printed kaftan, it is best to complete your look with a pair of nude heels. Wedges also go well with this beautiful and elegant outfit. And, once you wear this trendy outfit for a night out party, choose a pair of high heels in silver or gold, counting on the color of your kaftan bling.


      Proper Style and Prints


      Prints and florals are perfect for a minimalist look. They also work perfectly during summertime and can be combined for any occasion. Embellished Kaftans also look gorgeous if worn for the right occasion.


      Don'ts with Kaftans


      • Do not choose a very heavy material for a kaftan during the summers.
      • Embellished Kaftans are best suitable for party wear or evening functions and should not be considered for a casual day out at the beach.
      • A kaftan that’s embellished already looks quite complete in terms of glitz. You need to be careful when choosing the right jewelry with this. Therefore, it is advisable to ditch the necks and opt for heavy earrings or elegant maang tikka
      • Do not choose a very dark color of Kaftan during the morning. Try to select light material and a bright color Kaftan during daytime.


      ‘Maxim Creation’ provides a range of Kaftan varieties to choose from for any type of occasion. The collection available on our website is top-notch and undoubtedly one of the best considering the quality. The designer outfits and trend-setting Kaftans we offer are worth giving a try. We have a wide variety of Kaftans depending on the material, design length, and many more. You can buy any type as per your need and preference.

      Designer Wear Mom + Kid Combo Suits

      Designer Wear Mom + Kid Combo Suits

      This article provides a deep insight into what, how, and which type of gowns you should choose for mother-daughter matching gowns. Keep reading to know more about the mother-daughter matching gowns. 

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