Lightweight Tunic Traditional Embroidered Kurti 6516

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Suited with the perfect degree for flattery, try to leave your intimates in ideal state. 100% Georgette short dress with half sleeve top. Comes as a 1 PIECE Kurti attire without interior lining, and yet gives you adequate smoothness and coziness. This piece is best for traditional times in flowy fashion. Your Maxim Creation piece will help to contrast your occasion.


This Georgette Fabric Kurti Dress is 1 PIECE Set (TOP ONLY) & Half Sleeve Dress (THIS DRESS DOES NOT HAVE LINING FROM THE INSIDE).

Fabric Colour : 17 Colour Option (Variation As Pictured in the image options ) 

Length : 35 inch 

Note***Slight color difference may be because of pictorial and screen resolutions.

***Gentle Hand wash only.