Why Choose Us ?

1.) We send the products viainternationally recognized air courier companies like UPS, DHL or FedEx. We update the tracking number immediately after dispatching the goods.

Only for certain countries like Russia , Brazil etc we send through Indian Postal Service, which has a delivery time of 30-45 days

2.) We at Maxim Creation give highest priority to use quality material in making the dress.We send the same quality work as shown in the picture.The designs, cut and styles of the dresses that we make CANNOT be matched and we assure you of GOOD quality handicraft items. We do not provide you with cheap dresses with fake/duplicate material. The materials used in the sample photo will be the materials that we deliver.

3.) We at Maxim Creation sell only our branded products.You can see the brand difference and recognition that we have gained around the world, You can google us by typing Maxim Creation, You will feel the presence of our products all over the WORLD, We have a huge global footprint and fan followingacross the seven seas.

4.) We also use only trusted payment such as Paypal and CC Avenue. So feel safe when you swipe your card and make payments.


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