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Fashion Tips - Do’s and Don'ts with Kaftans

Fashion Tips - Do’s and Don'ts with Kaftans

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Kaftan is a long, loose dress mainly worn in countries of the Middle East. Kaftans never go out of style and are considered one of the most versatile outfits you can ever add to your wardrobe. They are perfect for a beach, for an evening party and can be styled in so many ways with a few customizations. With some spot-on accessories, a perfect clutch, and footwear that can make a difference, you’re all set to ace the style game like a diva.


Available in several designs, colors, lengths, and different fabrics, a kaftan can act as a versatile garment and therefore is a must-have for you during the summer season. But, to look like a fashionista with this quirky outfit, all you need to learn is some basics on how to style it well. Styling a Kaftan can be a tricky job. If not styled properly, it would not look as flattering as it is supposed to.


Do’s with Kaftans:


Select the Right Material


Kaftans are flowy and require the right type of fabric, depending on the occasion you want to style them for. If you plan to pack your kaftan clothes for a beach vacation, they should be made of fabrics like cotton or so. This fabric will keep you comfortable, absorb sweat and help your body remain cool. In contrast, heavy fabrics like silk and rayon go perfectly with your evening parties or functions.


Appropriate Length


The length can make a huge difference as longer-length Kaftans are perfect for an elegant look, while the shorter ones give you a quirky and chic look. You can wear a short kaftan as a dress or pair it with jeans or ripped shorts for a relaxed day trip. A long kaftan can be paired with a bohemian dress with silver pieces. It can also look stylish if paired with elegant jewelry and high heels. If you want to wear it for a day at the office, we recommend going for a mid-length printed kaftan and pairing it with a pair of leggings to complete your look.


Choosing the Correct Accessories


Accessorizing it can go completely wrong if you are not careful about the occasion, and especially with a Kaftan, it can be very tricky. Having said that, you also cannot ignore the power of good accessories with a dress like this. So, choose your accessory according to the occasion. And, if you wear a plain or printed kaftan, you can wear an elegant necklace with it without hesitation. You can also accessorize it with your favorite bag.


Proper Footwear


You should go for a flattering heel or neckline with your kaftan dress for a night out. For a casual day, you can go for ballet flats, or even a casual beach slipper will do. If you are wearing a printed kaftan, it is best to complete your look with a pair of nude heels. Wedges also go well with this beautiful and elegant outfit. And, once you wear this trendy outfit for a night out party, choose a pair of high heels in silver or gold, counting on the color of your kaftan bling.


Proper Style and Prints


Prints and florals are perfect for a minimalist look. They also work perfectly during summertime and can be combined for any occasion. Embellished Kaftans also look gorgeous if worn for the right occasion.


Don'ts with Kaftans


  • Do not choose a very heavy material for a kaftan during the summers.
  • Embellished Kaftans are best suitable for party wear or evening functions and should not be considered for a casual day out at the beach.
  • A kaftan that’s embellished already looks quite complete in terms of glitz. You need to be careful when choosing the right jewelry with this. Therefore, it is advisable to ditch the necks and opt for heavy earrings or elegant maang tikka
  • Do not choose a very dark color of Kaftan during the morning. Try to select light material and a bright color Kaftan during daytime.


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