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Maxim Creation- Your Destination For Custom Garments

Maxim Creation- Your Destination For Custom Garments

Maxim Creation - Your Destination For Custom Ladies Garments. Womens Dresses for all occasions !

We at Maxim Creation believe that outfits do not only add more to your style statement, but also have an important role to play, and that is to define your personality. Your clothing gives out an instant impression of you to the people you are surrounded with.

Maxim Creation makes custom garments for women. To make sure all you leading ladies stand out from the crowd with your beaming personas, we take great care of your unique sizes and trendy tastes. From simple and subtle traditional tunics to gorgeous party wears that mesmerize the eyes, we have got it all to adorn you. Handcrafted to perfection, we custom make dresses as per the customer’s requirments.


Also considered as a casual version of kameez, Kurtis are a traditional attire of the Indian subcontinent. Due to us having the sole aim of upping your fashion game, we offer Kurtis varying in shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. 

While our short Cocktail Party or Lightweight tunics are perfect for friendly hangouts and shopping sprees, the Bollywood Long Maxis and the traditional Overcoat Embroidered Kurtis accompany you in stealing the limelight in glamorous events.

You also get to pick from our royal Kurtis with Golden Sequins Embellishments, Hand Embroidered Cardigans, and the latest Dubai Style Boho Ponchos. Find the Kurti of your dreams. Explore the various waist, sleeve, and knee-length options in our modish and chic fashion couture.


Wedding Wear

Wedding attires are undoubtedly our specialty. Tie the knot of permanent love and togetherness with your loved one, by gracing yourself with our bridal attires.

We make custom wedding gowns for women as per their distinct choices of size and color. Adorned with delicate hand embroidery, Maxim Creation’s wedding now will pause eveyone’s eyes and create jaw dropping moments for you. Transform your wedding ceremony into an awestruck event by dressing up with our richly embellished, ravishing gowns.

Wedding Wear

Dubai Kaftans

Discover the authenticity of the land of grandeur with our especially hand-embroidered Dubai Kaftans. These georgette polyester dresses are ornamented with gold and silver, which come with a classy cut in the middle. Our classics include:

  • Dubai Farahsa Kaftan Maxis
  • Designer Dubai Kaftan with Luxe Crystals
  • Turquoise Dubai Kaftan Jalabiya
  • Haute Coutre Jabodar Designer Dubai Kaftan

With heavy details from the neckline to the flowy hem, these gowns are an absolute stunner.

Dubai Kaftan

Moroccan Caftan & Takchitas

If you want to turn down a bit on the heavy gold embellishments, by keeping it all simple and light, then the traditional Moroccan Caftans are sure to be your apt pick. These airy gowns beaded with pearls and stones are easy to handle. Their simplicity, when compared to the Dubai Kaftans, keeps your sophistication intact. Our Moroccan Caftans are also available with sparkly gold and silver adornments to add a touch of glitz and glimmer to your style.

Takchitas have many resemblances with the Caftans, but the prime distinguishable feature is that they need to be worn with a belt. The belt gives a perfect shape to your waist, acting as a detailed partition of your eye-catching two-piece dress. To name a few masterpieces, we have the:

  • Red Moroccan Caftan French Takchita Lace & Embroidery
  • Royal Blue Jalabiya Oriental Robe French Soiree Takchita
  • Moroccan Designer Abaya
  • Beige Satin Moroccan Maxi Dress

Transform yourself into a goddess with our delicate Moroccan gowns.

Maxim Creations does not only stop with the fancy wedding gowns of Dubai and Morocco. Our classy selection of international gowns consists of many modern chic designs, naming some:

  • Original Zardosi Handwork Wedding Gown
  • Tunisian Cultural Walima Gown
  • Traditional Algerian Kaftan Dress
  • Boho Maxi Dress Red Poncho Gown
  • Traditional Arabic Kaftan in thread embroidery

 Moroccan Takchita          

Our special selection of wedding gowns is sure to fill the special occasion with splendor and delight. The designer dresses are not limited to these only as the options are endless for us to cater to your precise needs.

You may also find the perfect Wedding Jewellery at Maxim Creation to match your gorgeous gowns. Embroidered Robes, Jackets, Fancy Abayas, and Summer Printed Kaftans are also a part of our vast collection of apparel.

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