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Tips to Pick the Right Lehenga Fabric

Tips to Pick the Right Lehenga Fabric

While lehengas were earlier designed with rich & trendy lehenga fabric like silks or heavily embroidered net, you will now find more options when it comes to choosing the best lehenga fabric for your lehenga. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while picking your right lehenga fabric:

Lehengas have always been a symbol of exquisiteness in traditional wear. While it had started declining in popularity when lehengas were seen as heavy clothing which is difficult to carry, they have now been revived as comfortable yet elegant pieces once again. While lehengas were earlier designed with rich fabrics like silks or heavily embroidered net, you will now find more options when it comes to choosing the fabric for your lehenga. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while picking your right lehenga fabric:

The weather-

The most beautiful of lehengas can end up becoming a nightmare if not matched to suit the weather. Hot and humid climate requires breathable trendy lehenga fabric like cotton and linen. Use these breathable fabrics in the inner layers of your lehenga to keep yourself comfortable in warm weather. On the other hand, if the weather will be cold, then lighter fabric can make it difficult for you to enjoy the occasion. Choose velvet or silk fabrics if you will be wearing the lehenga in cold weather.

The location-

If the lehenga will be worn in the comfort of a luxury hotel, then you can rule out problems of the climate. This means that you can choose raw silk, net, heavy brocade and rich embroidery without worrying about the weather outside. But if you will be wearing your lehenga on a beach or in the mountains, then the fabric must be customized according to the location. For beaches, lighter materials like georgette, net and chiffon with cotton lining will be comfortable and easy to carry even while walking in the sand. In cold, hilly regions, velvet and silk lehengas are more effective.




The occasion-

If you are buying fabric for a bridal lehenga then you should look for heavy brocade, elaborate embroidery, zardosi, stones and even beads on the fabric. Since heavy designs will require a strong fabric, silk and velvet are considered to be the top choices for wedding lehengas. Net is also a popular choice for intricate embroidery work. On the other hand, if you are buying best lehenga fabric for some other occasion, then you can choose from fabrics like taffeta silk, georgette, chiffon and even printed fabrics.

The budget-

Pure silk and velvet are more expensive while georgette and net lean towards the less expensive side. There are many options in between which include chiffon, mixed silks, rayon, and cotton. While brides will have a bigger budget, if you are buying your right lehenga fabric for other occasions, then you can choose from less expensive fabrics.

The skin type-

If you have allergic skin, then choose organic cotton and silk fabrics which are gentle on sensitive skin. Low quality fabrics can leave rashes on your skin and may make you comfortable over a long period of time. For sensitive skin, you should also consider breathable best lehenga fabric and fewer embellishments to avoid discomfort. Net is not comfortable for sensitive skin and even lacework can cause allergies.

The latest trends-

Lastly, the choice of your fabric will greatly depend on existing fashion trends. We always encourage our clients to consider comfort before fashion, but at the same time, we look for ways in which the existing trends can be customized for comfort for our clients. Do not follow the latest trends blindly. Instead, look for fabric choices according to all the above requirements and then match it with the current trends. For example, if floral patterns are in fashion, then you can consider a floral fabric for your lehenga, or you can choose a floral brocade for a heavy silk or go for trendy lehenga fabric.



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